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Are you a landlord dealing with a difficult tenant at present? There are a lot of difficult issues to handle when you assume the responsibility of allowing men and women to rent your apartments, condos, or houses. When things get complicated between your tenants and you, you may want to get a lawyer involved. Timothy L. Murphy is a hardworking and respected attorney who only represents landlords in landlord-tenant lawsuits. Whether you are dealing with a client who has had a breach of lease or someone who is claiming that you have been discriminatory in denying them a lease, you will want a legal representative there to help you.

Because Timothy L. Murphy only deals with landlords in landlord-tenant situations from the landlord’s side, he has been able to develop an intimate and deep understanding of this special area of law. Mr. Murphy went to Law Lewis & Clark Law School in 2000 and received the Cornelius Honor Society Award while at this educational facility. As well, he was very involved in the Public Interest Law Project at Lewis & Clark. Because of his ongoing support in PILP, Mr. Murphy received the Larry K. Amburgey Commitment to Public Interest Law Award in relation to PILP.

Mr. Murphy has been working in law for over eleven years and for the past eight years he has been practicing exclusively in landlord–tenant law and solely representing landlords in these cases. Over this time, he has represented hundreds of commercial and residential owners and managers. He has resolved a variety of landlord complications including those regarding eviction, poor document preparation, and commercial disputes. He also helped to handle damage disputes. These are the types of arguments that occur when a tenant damages property that is owned by the landlord and fails to pay for it, or argues for a security deposit that he or she wants back. In these situations, a landlord can often invoke parts of a contract if he or she has created provisions. In a situation where the property damage is not compensated, it is important to have a contract where the wording states punishments for property damage.

Timothy Murphy can also come alongside those that are not landlords but are preparing to invest in properties and rent them out. Being a landlord is no easy task, and it may be helpful to have an attorney on speed dial that can give you tips or help you to formulate thorough fool-proof contracts with tenants. That way, if you run into a situation where one of your tenants commits a breach of the lease, or complains about an issue with the property, you will have an attorney ready and willing to come to your aid. With Timothy Murphy on your side, the pressure to be fully knowledgeable in landlord law disappears. You will have a source of valuable information ready and waiting for you at all times.Mr. Murphy also deals with property complaints about mold or hazardous materials within the home. Many of these molds can be the start of a serious lawsuit, so you will want an attorney ready and waiting if you believe that you may be held liable for an injury or illness your tenant obtained from mold.

In addition to working on landlord-tenant residential disputes, Attorney Murphy can help you out if you are involved in a commercial dispute These differ significantly from residential disputes in that they often involve a company who is complaining about their building.In many situations, landlords will leave important clauses out in a commercial property lease, and this can get them in trouble later on in the rental process. According to Timothy Murphy, no two commercial leases are alike. Attorney Murphy understands that many varieties of commercial law disputes and the different weaknesses that may be left in a lease. He can also help if you are dealing with lease termination or an unjust pursuit of damages and need help.

Attorney Murphy won’t be daunted by your case, no matter how complicated. If you have been accused of violating the American with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act because you denied an applicant rent, then the lawsuits can get complicated. If you lose, then you may be forced to pay thousands or millions of dollars in compensation in a discrimination lawsuit Yet with a Timothy Murphy on your side, you will be well equipped to defend your actions if you are caught up in a discrimination suit.

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