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Damage Disputes

Damage Disputes: Landlord-Tenant Law

How Oregon State Law Guides the Damage Dispute Process

Damage disputes are one of the most common conflicts that occur between landlords and tenants. A damage dispute can arise from a wide variety of scenarios. In some cases, damage occurs after an irresponsible tenant causes serious damage to the property itself. Landlords may enter a newly vacant property after evictions to find holes in the walls, broken windows or other hazards in desperate need of repair. In other situations, tenants may have failed to properly clean or repair minor damages upon moving out. In either event, Oregon landlords have the right to pursue compensation from tenants who have damaged rented or leased property beyond ordinary wear and tear.

One of the most important things a landlord can do to protect against an uncompensated damage dispute is to have a thorough rental contract. A Portland landlord-tenant attorney can provide all of the necessary insight and guidance in terms of creating a contract that properly outlines the parameters for damage, and the steps that will be taken to recover these damages correctly and legally. There should be no questions or unaddressed concerns when it comes to this issue, as any questionable point may present an opportunity for the tenant to be relieved of liability.

Resolving Damage Disputes Legally in Portland

Here at Murphy Law Group P.C. we have worked on behalf of commercial and residential landlords alike for the past 16 years. Our firm focuses on providing protections for landlords in greater Portland and throughout Oregon in matters concerning evictions, security deposits, mold, discrimination and much more. Many complexities exist in landlord-tenant laws, and staying current with respect to changing laws and what your protections are in virtually any situation is important. We strive to keep our clients as informed as possible in terms of what they can expect, and how they may be impacted in the future. If you are facing a damage dispute, we advise you to contact our firm so we can help you to move ahead with the process correctly.

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