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Evictions in Portland

How to Correctly Evict a Tenant: Portland Eviction Lawyer

As a landlord, there will probably be times where you will need to evict a tenant, or evict if the tenant won't pay rent. The first step is to give the tenant the correct eviction notice in writing. This notice should be hand delivered or mailed to the tenant. In limited circumstances, it may be taped to the tenant's door and also mailed. There are different requirements for each eviction notice with regard to exactly when the notice period ends. For example, if the landlord mails the notice, 3 days must be added to the length of the notice time. Further, the notice must state that 3 days have been added due to mailing it. If the tenant does not comply with the eviction notice, whether by paying rent or vacating the property, the only way to do get him out is to go to court and obtain a court judgment.

The landlord will file an FED, or Forcible Entry and Detainer. Either the sheriff or another person will hand the court papers to the tenant at the rental property, or give them to whoever answers the door. If no one is there, or no one receives the papers, he can also tape the papers to the door and follow up by mailing them later. The papers (an FED Summons and an FED Complaint) advise the tenant when he is to appear in court. Usually, the court date is in less than 7 days. A Portland Eviction Attorney can be instrumental in helping the landlord with evictions and any subsequent court appearances, if needed.

Types of Eviction Notices

There are different eviction notices that can be given to a tenant, depending on the circumstances. Briefly, they include No-Cause, For-Cause, Pets, Personal Injury/Damage, Unlawful Occupant, Extremely Outrageous Acts, Employee Termination, and Late Rent. Each of these different types of eviction notices have specific stipulations governing them. If you need help with an eviction, we can prepare the correct eviction notice and see that the proper procedures are followed in order to make the eviction as smooth as possible. Our firm has been practicing law for 16 years, and at least 12 years have been almost exclusively landlord-tenant law.

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