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Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes in Portland

Portland Landlord Lawyer for Commercial Property Owners

Commercial landlord tenant laws differ sometimes quite significantly from residential landlord tenant laws. In fact, individuals and organizations interested in securing a lease for a commercial property should be very cautious and thorough in determining which property and lease will best protect their interests. Failure to do so can result financial damage, legal trouble and ongoing litigation. Knowing what to look for in a commercial lease can make avoiding trouble easier as conditions change in the future, and an experienced Portland landlord-tenant lawyer can provide knowledgeable insight in complex commercial disputes, and your options.

Many commercial disputes come about due to lack of clarity in the commercial lease contract. When something occurs that calls a general area of the agreement into question, then both landlord and tenant may take action to pursue the matter in court. Courts often uphold the lease in commercial matters, rather than in residential-based situations where there is an implied consideration for the tenant and their protections. Commercial disputes are addressed differently than residential matters, and so it pays to have the best possible legal assistance working with you the entire process.

Commercial Dispute Lawyer for Landlords in Portland, OR

No two commercial leases are alike. For this reason, many serious business owners in the Portland area seek the expert advice from our firm, Murphy Law Group P.C., when dealing with commercial disputes. We are 12-year veterans of landlord tenant law, and have dedicated our practice to protecting landlords in Portland and throughout Oregon. We have worked successfully with many clients to provide advice regarding commercial lease agreements and stipulations, and how best to protect the landlord from unjust pursuit of damages, lease termination and other legal matters.

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients well-informed throughout the duration of the legal issue and in helping them in document preparation prior to leasing any commercial property. Call us today.