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Having the Right Documents for Rentals & Leases

Having the right documents as a landlord is not only a necessity, but it can smooth your way when dealing with tenants. The most obvious document would be the rental agreement or lease. These are legal documents and, as such, they need to be accurate and concise. They must spell out the important aspects of renting a property, such as the amount of the rent and the duration of the agreement. But there are other considerations that may not be as obvious, such as how much the security deposit is, if there are any stipulations about appliances and their use, whether smoking or pets are allowed, and more. You may need to serve an eviction notice or a notice to renew the lease. A Portland landlord law attorney could advise you on all needed and necessary documentation.

Other Rental Related Documents

Have you ever had trouble with a tenant because the process of moving out was not performed in a timely or efficient manner? The right legal form acting as a checklist could help the tenant prepare for the move ahead of time and help them to complete all the necessary cleaning and other necessities before leaving. This can often make the moving process uneventful and problem-free with the security deposit being refunded, instead of the tenant haphazardly vacating the property and leaving the premises damaged or dirty, or with rental or lease payments left outstanding.

Perhaps you found the perfect renter, but they want to keep their pet. You should have an addendum to the agreement covering this if it's not already included in the lease. Additional needs for different types of documentation can include, but are not limited to, addendums for mold, parking, odors, pool usage, and more. These are just a few of the many different considerations that might come into play with a renter or specific property. Having all the necessary documentation prepared in advance can assist you in dealing with them much more easily.

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