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Discrimination and Landlord-Tenant Law

Does the law offer protection against landlord discrimination?

Common forms of landlord discrimination include refusing to rent, evictions or treating a tenant differently than you would treat another. Legally, no landlord can discriminate on a current or potential tenant based on sex, race, color, religion, marital status, and physical or mental handicaps to name a few. While this may seem clear, the truth is that there are many gray areas when it comes to discrimination and how it is handled in landlord tenant law. A skilled Portland landlord-tenant attorney can provide the necessary guidance and insight required to determine your best steps moving forward as a landlord when faced with an accusation of discrimination.

Where state law does not cover your specific issue, many city ordinances exist throughout Oregon that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as gender. It is illegal to discriminate based on issues such as a tenant carrying the HIV virus, because existing or threat of disease categorizes the discrimination as related to disability and a discrimination claim could be filed against you if it is believed that this was the underlying reason for an eviction. Hiring the right attorney can be the difference between winning and losing a complex discrimination suit, especially when tenant and alleged victim of discrimination have legal representation. These lawyers have their fees paid through court judgments, and make their money by assisting tenants sue their landlords.

Effective Discrimination Defense in Portland

Discrimination cases can be complicated matters to prosecute and defend. What appears to be discrimination against race, source of income, sex and others may have a completely different basis - not discrimination --- and the truth must be exposed to the court. Without a proven attorney to represent you in your defense, you risk a great deal of time, money and trouble.

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