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Breach of Lease

Breach of Lease in Portland, OR

Resolving Breaches of Lease Agreements

A lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant and is a legal, binding contract. It usually states a fixed rate of rent for a period of time-usually a year or longer. Some leases will allow a landlord to raise the rent after a 30-day notice. A long-term lease at a fixed rate, however, stipulates that the landlord cannot raise the rent during the term of the lease. Although, landlords in Portland may make larger increases if a 90 day written notice is given. These agreements must be drafted carefully, with all of the details in clear legal language, if you hope to avoid misunderstandings or legal problems in the future.

At a minimum, a lease should contain the following basic info:

  • The rental property address

  • The amount of rent
  • The due date of the rent
  • The amount of the security deposit
  • The length of the lease
  • The name, address, and phone number of the landlord.

Of course, a lease can be much more extensive depending upon the type of property, its use, the length of the lease term, and any improvements. Whether it's a commercial property or residential property, a landlord law attorney from Portland, OR could help you with your leases and the proper handling of any breaches of lease.

Understanding a Breach of Lease in Portland, Oregon

When a tenant engages in any action or activity that is prohibited by the lease, or fails to adhere to the terms of the lease, a breach of lease has occurred. A tenant can be considered to have breached a lease by not paying the rent on time, or by causing damage to the property that is above and beyond normal wear and tear. If the tenant violates the terms set forth in the lease and the violation is material, a landlord can issue a termination notice. A "nonpayment of rent" termination notice must give the tenant 72 hours to pay rent, a "for cause" termination notice must notify the tenant at least 30 days before the tenancy may be terminated, and a "no cause" termination notice must provide at least 90 days before termination. Of course, these aren't the only causes for a breach of lease. A landlord is also capable of violating a lease by not adhering to their duties and responsibilities under the terms of the lease.

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