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Preparing To Become a Landlord

Preparing To Become a Landlord

What You Need to Know to Be a Landlord in Portland, OR

Preparing to become a landlord has several aspects. First and foremost, a landlord must understand the federal and state laws. You can obtain such information from various locations, such as the Oregon State Bar, the state Attorney General's Office, and the public library or online. There are also the city and county housing codes, which additionally lay out the rules for providing safe and sanitary housing, whether public or private. These can be obtained at your local building or housing authority, health and fire departments, public library, the city manager, or the mayor's office. You can additionally go online to look up various laws and statutes, but they are often not as complete as the printed versions. An attorney experienced in landlord-tenant law can be of great help.

There are also structural requirements of which you may need to be aware. For example, it may be that your local ordinances do not allow a private residence to convert a basement or an attic into a rental unit. Does the property have essential services such as proper plumbing, heating, cooling, and proper trash receptacles? Are the common areas safe and sanitary? Are the bathroom facilities up to code? Do you understand how and when you can enter a tenant's unit? If you do not have a clear understanding of these laws and codes, you could unwittingly violate one or more of them and be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. A landlord law attorney in Portland could help you understand these and other important factors so that you will be in compliance.

Additionally, you will be responsible for finding tenants, collecting the rent, and maintaining complete and detailed accounting records. You or your agent or contractor will need to respond immediately - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to tenant emergencies. And you must be prepared to make the monthly mortgage payments, regardless of whether the tenant has paid the rent or not.

How a Portland Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Help You

At Murphy Law Group P.C., we have been in practice for over 16+ years, nearly two decades of which have been spent exclusively handling landlord/tenant law. By remaining proactive with my clients, we strive to keep them apprised regarding the status of any issue I am assisting in resolving. We have successfully handled security deposit disputes, breaches of lease, discrimination claims, retaliation, and more.

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