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Murphy Law Group P.C. primarily provides legal services to landlords who are facing landlord/tenant law issues. Tenants often appear to hold all the cards in a dispute, but we could help you level the playing field. As Oregon landlord tenant attorneys, we could ensure that you and your property are protected from tenants that violate the terms of their lease, fail to pay rent, destroy property, or file claims against you. These can include mold claims, ADA claims, discrimination claims and other legal matters.

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Read below to learn about the topics discussed on our site to help benefit landlords in Portland and throughout Oregon:

  • Preparing to Become a Landlord - If you are preparing to rent or lease a property, it is advisable that you get an attorney's help with the proper forms and that you ensure all of the legal processes are in order before you get a tenant. Preparing for inevitable disputes and ensuring that all of the legal issues impacted by landlord/tenant law are in order are part of preparing to become a landlord.
  • Document Preparation - Whether you need a unique rent or lease agreement, an eviction notice, rules and regulations, lease addendum or another legal document, the skill and detail with which it is drafted could save you thousands of dollars in the future. We have the experience to help.
  • Breach of Lease - When a tenant breaches their lease agreement, a landlord can have real concerns regarding how to get the matter favorably resolved. We have a great deal of experience in successfully resolving these difficult legal problems and could review your situation to advise you about the right course of action.
  • Evictions - Many Portland landlords have run into problems when trying to remove a tenant from a property. Usually, this is only because they had minor errors in serving the notice, in the wording of the document, or other details in the notice. There are a number of lawyers that protect the rights of tenants at no charge, getting their fees from the landlord when the landlord loses. We primarily represent landlords and could help you ensure that all these matters are handled correctly.
  • Damage Disputes - Has your tenant seriously damaged your property? If so, it is likely that they could dispute this fact and take you to court, or engage the services of a lawyer to try pressuring you into returning their security or damage deposit. They might even attempt to make you pay legal fees. You have rights however, and we can advise you about what to do if you are involved in a damage dispute, as well as how to avoid them in the future.
  • Security Deposits - Under Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 90 (2012), Oregon's Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, a landlord has the right to get a security deposit in case the tenant causes problems in the future. Landlords have restrictions under the law as well, including having to list the amount of the security deposit on any written rental or lease agreement and other restrictions regarding the increase of a security deposit after the tenant has occupied the property for a year or longer.
  • Mold - If a tenant claims that your property has toxic mold and has filed a claim against you, it is imperative that you have legal representation to assist you in getting the matter under control. Whether or not the mold exists, the type, extent and location of the mold, as well as whether or not the physical condition of the tenant was actually impacted by the mold, must all be investigated to determine how to best address this legal problem.
  • Discrimination - There are various forms of discrimination that may be filed against a landlord. This including violations of rights related to the American Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and more. These are serious matters and should be reviewed by a qualified landlord law attorney without delay.
  • Commercial Disputes - Commercial landlords have a range of legal issues that they may be forced to deal with, including tenants that have dropped far behind in lease payments, claims against the property owner or manager, or alteration of property far beyond the terms of the lease agreement. Find out more about commercial disputes, mediation, negotiating solutions and other options to protect your rights as a commercial landlord.
  • "No Cause" Termination Notices - SB 608 severely impacted "no cause" termination notices. Please speak with an attorney before issuing this notice.
  • Relocation Assistance for Portland Tenancies - Relocation Assistance Required with 90 Day ‘No Cause’ Termination Notices.
  • Rent Increases - Oregon landlords may increase rent with a 90-day notice after the first year of a month to month tenancy. As money is always a sensitive issue, tenants facing a rent increase could try to come at you with litigation. We can defend you and your rights as a landlord.

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